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How do I get my listings loaded onto the REIP Portal, and

Your CRM will be able to easily upload your listings to REIP Portal. From there your listings will be automatically uploaded onto OnTheHouse and Realty. Please note, some CRMs may charge extra for uploads to multiple portals so make sure you check with your provider for any extra costs.

Alternatively, you can use ListOnce and their industry award-winning, CRM-agnostic, single data entry “Premium Multiloading” product for unlimited listings/data to unlimited destinations. REIP members receive a 10% discount – simply call ListOnce Support on 1300 655 448.

Introducing REIP Nexus – your industry-backed and owned CMA and market insights tool helping you drive your real estate business with your data.

Digital offer management for real estate agents

A digital offer management platform that will streamline your offer process and save you hours of admin time each week while delivering a premium, consistent customer experience for your buyers and vendors.

Real Care whenever you need it

Real Care is a free mental health, wellness and performance app specially designed by the real estate industry.


Australia’s number 1 online conveyancing platform

Offering an online army of conveyancers who are disrupting traditional services with their fast, transparent and flexible approach.

High-performance coaching – customised for you

Whatever your role or wherever you are in your career journey, Kylie Walsh can help guide you to success

Build your brand and attract more prospects with content

Boasting an online library of thousands of top-quality real estate articles, agents can get instant access to content for their newsletters, social media and more. 

The most innovative tenancy application platform on the market

Simplify your tenancy management with a seamless, modern, digital application experience for both agent and tenant.

Leading edge real estate website, data and digital solutions

Supporting the Australian real estate and proptech industries for over 20 years with websites, portals, data, integrations, listings and leads management services.

The property data you need at your fingertips

Prepare reports, generate value estimates, access building project information, verify the information and conduct highly targeted marketing

Get your listings in front of more buyers – for free!

When you load your listings onto, they will automatically appear on too!

Making the property experience social, authentic and fun! Ten Sixty was founded to challenge the antiquated rules of real estate. Our social network app allows agents, property managers and home lovers to foster real authentic connections and offers a new (and fun) medium to quickly showcase and move property!

Deliver your listings to a highly engaged social media audience nationally

When you load your listings onto, they will automatically appear on too!